ATL/MFC Shared Classes

Beginning with Visual C++ .NET 2002, several existing MFC utility classes were rewritten or revised to reduce their dependencies on other MFC classes. These utility classes can now be used in any native C++ project. This section only includes classes that were previously available to MFC projects and have now been shared, plus a few new classes related to the changes in CString. It does not include the ATL classes, which can be used in any native C++ project type by inclusion of the appropriate header.

In This Section

  • Active Template Library (ATL) Reference
    Provides reference material for the ATL Library, a set of template-based C++ classes that simplify the programming of COM objects.

  • Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) Reference
    Provides reference material for the MFC Library, a set of classes in that constitute an application framework, which is the framework of an application written for the Windows API.

  • Visual C++ Samples
    Provides links to sample code showing the capabilities of Visual C++ and the libraries and technologies it supports.

  • Visual C++ Libraries
    Provides links to the various libraries provided with Visual C++, including ATL, MFC, OLE DB Templates, the C run-time library, and the Standard C++ Library.

  • Debugging
    Provides links to using the Visual Studio debugger to correct logic errors in your application or stored procedures.