IAxWinAmbientDispatchEx Interface

This interface implements supplemental ambient properties for a hosted control.

MIDL_INTERFACE( "B2D0778B - AC99 - 4c58 - A5C8 - E7724E5316B5" )
IAxWinAmbientDispatchEx : public IAxWinAmbientDispatch


Include this interface in ATL applications that are statically linked to ATL and host ActiveX Controls, especially ActiveX Controls that have Ambient Properties. Not including this interface will generate this assertion: "Did you forget to pass the LIBID to CComModule::Init?"

This interface is exposed by ATL's ActiveX control hosting objects. Derived from IAxWinAmbientDispatch, IAxWinAmbientDispatchEx adds a method that allows you to supplement the ambient property interface provided by ATL with one of your own.

AXHost will try to load type information about IAxWinAmbientDispatch and IAxWinAmbientDispatchEx from the type library that contains the code.

If you are linking to ATL90.dll, AXHost will load the type information from the type library in the DLL.

See Hosting ActiveX Controls Using ATL AXHost for more details.


The definition of this interface is available in a number of forms, as shown in the following table.

Definition Type




Type Library



atliface.h (also included in ATLBase.h)

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