How to: Specify a Proxy Server for a Web Performance Test

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If you are testing a Web site that is outside your firewall, you might receive the following error message when you run your test:

RequestFailed: The following error occurred which might indicate that you have to configure a proxy server in your Web performance test: The remote name could not be resolved.

If you do receive this message, your Web performance test probably contains external URLs. If you use a proxy server to access Web sites that are outside your firewall, you must manually set the Proxy property on the Web performance test to the proxy server that your browser uses to view Web pages. Set the proxy server by using the Web Performance Test Editor.

To specify a proxy server

  1. In the Web Performance Test Editor go to the request tree and select the root node. The root node will be the name of the Web performance test.

  2. In the Properties window, find the Proxy property and enter a valid proxy server name. Ask your network administrator for a valid proxy server name, or type default to use Internet Explorer's proxy settings.


    Using default as your proxy setting can cause performance problems when you run your Web performance test under load. It is better to specify a proxy other than default when you run your Web performance test in a load test.

  3. Click Run Test on the toolbar to re-run the test.

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