How to: Specify the Number of Test Iterations in a Load Test Run Setting

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After you create your load test with the New Load Test Wizard, you can use the Load Test Editor to change the scenarios properties to meet your testing needs and goals. For more information, seeĀ How to: Create a New Load Test Using the New Load Test Wizard.

Using the Load Test Editor, you can edit the Test Iterations property of a run settings value in the Properties window. The Test Iterations property specifies the number of iterations to run on all the Web performance and unit tests in all the scenarios in a load test using the Load Test Editor.


For a complete list of the run settings properties and their descriptions, see Load Test Run Setting Properties.

To specify the number of test iterations in a run setting

  1. Open a load test.

    The Load Test Editor appears. The load test tree is displayed.

  2. In the load test tree, in the Run Settings folder, click a run setting.

  3. On the View menu, select Properties Window.

    The load run setting's categories and properties are displayed in the Properties window.

  4. In the Test Iterations property, enter a number that indicates the number of test iterations to run during the load test.

  5. After you have finished changing the property, click Save on the File menu. You can then run your load test using the new Test Iterations value.

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