How to: Analyze Errors Using the Counters Panel

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The Counters panel is visible in the Graphs view and the Tables view in the Load Test Analyzer while a load test is running, or when you are analyzing a load test result. For more information, see Analyzing Load Test Results in the Graphs View of the Load Test Analyzer, Analyzing Load Test Results in the Tables View of the Load Test Analyzer and How to: Access Load Test Results for Analysis.

The Errors node in the Counters panel contains all the errors that were detected during the load test. The Errors node contains several sub-category error nodes that are specific to different kinds of errors. For example, Exceptions and HTTP Errors.

Errors Node in Counters Panel

Counter panel's error node

Analyzing Errors

To analyze errors in the Counters panel

  1. After a load test completes, or after you load a test result, in the Load Test Analyzer's toolbar, click either Graphs or Tables.

    The Counters panel displays in either the Graphs view or the Tables view.

  2. If the Counters panel is not visible, click Show Counters Panel on the toolbar.

  3. Expand the Errors and select either an error category, or an error sub-category that you want to analyze.

  4. Right-click the error and select one of the following options:

    1. The Enter Graph Name dialog box is displayed.

    2. In the Graph name text box, type a name for the new graph and then click OK.

    3. (Optional) Right-click the error again and select Show Counter on Graph.

      For more information, see How to: Create Custom Graphs in Load Test Results.

  5. (Optional) If you are analyzing an error in a completed load test result, consider using the zoom features while in the Graphs. For more information, see How to: Zoom in on a Region of the Graph in Load Test Results.


    If any errors were detected during the load test run, a link titled errors including the number found will be present in the Load Test Analyzer status bar. You can click the link to display all the errors in the Errors table of the Tables view.

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