Creating Web Performance Tests Using the Web Performance Test Recorder

You create a Web performance test by using Web Performance Test Recorder, which is included in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. The Web Performance Test Recorder starts Internet Explorer and then records the actions that you perform while you browse a Web site. As you perform actions in the Web site, recorded requests are added to the Web performance test.

After you have recorded a Web performance test, you can change the test and add properties to the test by using the Web Performance Test Editor. For more information, see Customizing Web Performance Test Recordings Using Web Performance Test Editor. You cannot edit your Web performance tests until recording is stopped.



Use the Web Performance Test Editor to create a new Web performance test: You can use the Web Performance Test Recorder to record a new Web performance tests in your test project. While creating the Web performance test, you can add comments to it. The recorded Web performance test is displayed as a tree of requests in the Web Performance Test Editor upon completion.

Configure Web performance test options: If it is necessary, you can modify Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate options that apply to Web performance tests.

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