Extensions: Adding New Capabilities to LightSwitch

By using extensions, you can add new capabilities to Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011. Custom extensions such as the Money and Phone Number business types are included in LightSwitch. Custom extensions such as the Picture and Text layout control provide new ways to present data on screen.

You can use shell extensions and theme extensions to change the appearance and behavior of your application by changing just one setting. When you apply a theme to a LightSwitch application, the visual appearance of screens and controls in the application is changed. A shell extension changes the layout of the application shell, for example, by displaying a toolbar or a ribbon in a different location.

Extensions are available from many sources, some at no cost and others for purchase. You can acquire some extensions directly by using Extension Manager in LightSwitch. After you use Extension Manager to download an extension, it appears on the Extensions tab of the Application Designer, and you can enable or disable it as required.



How to: Add or Remove Extensions

Demonstrates how to acquire and manage extensions.

How to: Use Extensions in a Project

Demonstrates how to use extensions to enhance an application.

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