Save File As Dialog Box

Use the Save File As dialog box to save an instance of the current item to a specified location in a specified file format. To display this dialog box, click Save File <file name> As on the File menu.

  • Save in
    In this box, locate the existing project folder in which you want to save the item. When you select a folder, the contents of the folder are displayed in the pane under the Save in box.

My Places Bar

  • Desktop
    Displays the files and folders located on the desktop.

  • My Projects
    Displays the files and folders in the location specified in the General, Projects and Solutions, Options Dialog Box.

  • My Computer
    Displays the contents of your floppy disk, hard disk, CD drive, and other drives connected to your computer.

Folder List

  • Object name
    Use this option to view the current file name, change the file name, or filter the files and folders that are displayed. To filter the files and folders, enter a full or partial file name on which to filter. You can use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard.


    To display files on Web and network locations, enter a URL or network path in the File name box. For example, "http://mywebsite" displays the files available on the "mywebsite" Web site and "\\myserver\myshare" displays the files available at the "myshare" location on "myserver".

  • Save as type
    Use this option to select a new file type for the selected item. The file types displayed include all available file types to which the selected item can be converted.

  • Advanced Save Options
    To access the Advanced Save Options Dialog Box, click the small rectangle to the right of the Save button and then click Save with Encoding to open the Advanced Save Options dialog box. Use this dialog box to specify an encoding for the file, and the characters to use at line endings.


  • Go To Last Folder Visited

    Returns to the most recently viewed folder, drive, or Internet location.

  • Up One Level
    Up One Level

    Navigates to the next highest folder in the tree view.

  • Create New Folder
    New Folder

    Displays the New Folder dialog box. Use this option to create a new subfolder under the folder selected in the Save in box.

  • Views
    VisualSourceSafeViewButton screenshot

    Changes the view of the items in the dialog box to one of the following:

    • Thumbnails: Displays thumbnail pictures of the items.

    • Tiles: Displays items as large icons.

    • Icons: Displays items as small icons.

    • List: Displays items in a list format.

    • Details: Displays the name, size, type, and last-modified date of items in a list format. To sort by one kind of detail, click its column header.

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