Intrinsic Objects

JScript provides 16 intrinsic objects as part of the language specification. Each intrinsic object has associated methods and properties, which are described in detail in the language reference. Several commonly used objects are discussed in this section to illustrate the basic syntax and use of intrinsic objects.

In This Section

  • JScript Array Object
    Describes how to use array objects, how to take advantage of their expando properties, and how they compare to typed arrays.

  • JScript Date Object
    Describes the range of acceptable dates and how to create an object with either the current date and time or an arbitrary date and time.

  • JScript Math Object
    Illustrates how to use methods and properties to manipulate numerical data.

  • JScript Number Object
    Explains the purpose of the number object and the meaning of its properties.

  • JScript Object Object
    Describes how to add expando properties and methods to objects and explains the difference between using the dot operator and the index operator to access object members.

  • JScript String Object
    Explains the purpose of the string object and how string literals can use the methods of the String object.

  • JScript Objects
    Links to topics that explain the syntax and uses of the intrinsic objects in JScript.

  • JScript Reference
    Lists elements that comprise JScript Language Reference and links to topics that explain the details behind the proper use of language elements.

  • Objects
    Lists all the objects provided by the JScript language and links to language reference information that explains the proper use and syntax for each object.