vsCMFunction Enumeration

A constant indicating the type of function, such as a property-get or a method.

Namespace:  EnvDTE
Assembly:  EnvDTE (in EnvDTE.dll)


Public Enumeration vsCMFunction
public enum vsCMFunction
public enum class vsCMFunction
type vsCMFunction
public enum vsCMFunction


Member name Description
vsCMFunctionOther A type of function not in this list.
vsCMFunctionConstructor A constructor.
vsCMFunctionPropertyGet A property get.
vsCMFunctionPropertyLet A property let.
vsCMFunctionPropertySet A property set.
vsCMFunctionPutRef A put reference.
vsCMFunctionPropertyAssign A property assignment function.
vsCMFunctionSub A subexpression.
vsCMFunctionFunction A function.
vsCMFunctionTopLevel A top-level function.
vsCMFunctionDestructor A destructor.
vsCMFunctionOperator An operator.
vsCMFunctionVirtual A virtual function.
vsCMFunctionPure A pure function.
vsCMFunctionConstant A constant.
vsCMFunctionShared A shared function.
vsCMFunctionInline An inline function.
vsCMFunctionComMethod A COM method.


The vsCMFunction values are meant to be bitwise OR'd together. Visual C++ combines several of these values to accurately describe a function. For example:

virtual int MyProc() const = 0;

MyProc results in a value of (vsCMFunctionFunction | vsCMFunctionVirtual | vsCMFunctionConstant | vsCMFunctionPure | vsCMFunctionTopLevel).

Another example:

inline void AnotherOne()

results in a value of (vsCMFunctionSub | vsCMFunctionInline, vsCMFunctionTopLevel).

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