Managing Compilation Properties

Compilation properties defining compiler behavior, such as compiler warnings, optimizations, and compilation constants, are set in the Compile pane of the Project Designer. The following tasks can be accomplished in the Compile pane.

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Debug and Release Project Configurations

How to: Enable or Disable Compiler Warnings (Visual Basic)

How to: Set Compiler Optimizations (Visual Basic)

How to: Set Compiler Options (Visual Basic)

How to: Generate XML Documentation for a Project

How to: Register a Component for COM Interop

How to: Set Compilation Constants (Visual Basic)

How to: Optimize an Application for a Specific CPU Type

How to: Specify a Base Address for a DLL

How to: Specify Build Events (Visual Basic)

How to: Specify Build Events (C#)

Introduction to the Project Designer

Managing Application Properties

Managing References

Securing ClickOnce Applications

Publishing ClickOnce Applications

Managing Debugging Properties

Managing Application Resources

Managing Application Settings