Pending Changes

Revisions to files or namespaces in Team Foundation version control are saved to your local workspace until you check in these changes. Such changes are referred to as pending changes. The Check In and Pending Changes windows are used to view and manage your pending changes.

Types of Pending Changes

Following are explanations of the types of pending changes you can check in.


Files that you add to Team Foundation version control are treated as a pending add changes.


When you check out a file to modify in your workspace, Team Foundation makes it writable and adds an edit change to the list of pending changes for the workspace.


You can use the tf rollback command to eliminate the impact of one or more changesets on an item. After you run the command, rollback is added to the pending changes. For more information about the rollback command, enter tf rollback /? at the Visual Studio 2010 command prompt.


When you delete a file in Team Foundation version control, it stays on the server until the delete is checked in. For more information, see Delete Files and Folders from Version Control.


When you undelete a file, after you check in the undelete change, the file is restored from the server during the check-in process. For more information, see Undelete Command.

Rename (includes file moves)

When you rename or move a file, it is renamed or moved on the local disk, but the changes are not reflected on the server until you check in the rename change. For more information, see Move, Rename, and Delete Version-Controlled Files and Folders.


When you branch a branch, the change takes place immediately on the server; no pending change is generated. However, when you branch a folder, the branch operation is not committed until the branch change is checked in. For more information, see Branch Folders and Files.


When you change the file encoding of a file, the operation is not committed until the type change is checked in. For more information, see Configure Version Control File Encoding.

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