Manage and View Completed Builds

After you run a build, you can rate its quality, view information about it, or delete completed build files.

For example, you can rate the quality of each build so that your team members can view only builds with specific ratings. You can also add custom build quality values to the list of pre-defined ones or remove values that you do not need. In addition, you can delete some or all of the files that are associated with a completed build.

Common Tasks

Common tasks

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Rate build quality. Manually rate builds to allow your team members to view the ones that have a specific rating. Create a custom list of values you can use to rate builds.

Rate the Quality of a Completed Build

Add or Remove Build Quality Values

View information about a build definition. View information such as errors and warnings and how much time it took to run a build.

View the Build Results Window

Delete a build. Delete all or just selected files that are part of a completed build.

Delete a Completed Build

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