Administering Team Foundation Build

As an administrator for Team Foundation Build, you can configure and manage Team Foundation Build Service to enable your team to automatically and consistently build, test, and deploy your software in a distributed environment. You can install the build service and enable it to build projects that are under version control in your team project. Then you can create and manage build controllers, which handle requests for queued builds, and build agents, which handle the work of building, testing, and deploying your application. 

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Understand Team Foundation Build concepts. Understand the main concepts behind Team Foundation Build to make using it more intuitive. Learn about the build service, agents, and controllers. View examples of topologies.

Understanding a Team Foundation Build System

Set up a build system. Find out how to install the build service, give it access to your team project, and create and modify build controllers and agents.

Scenario: Installing Team Foundation Build Service

Configure Your Build System

Manage your existing build system. After you have configured your build system, you can restart or stop the build service, change settings for build controllers and agents, and change properties, such as security credentials.

Manage Your Build System

Building the Application

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