Access Site Administration or Central Administration for SharePoint Products

When you install and configure SharePoint Products, you automatically provision a central administration site. When you add one or more SharePoint Web applications to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, you create a top-level site for each application that you add. This site is where you control all the options and features of SharePoint Products sites under that top-level site for that Web application. Not only can administrators of these top-level sites access and manage group membership, they can also enable or disable Web document discussions or alerts, view usage and quota data, change anonymous access settings, and perform similar actions. The group membership and permissions that are required for administrative control vary based on the version of SharePoint Products that you use with Team Foundation Server.


Site administration is separate from the SharePoint Central Administration, which you access through the SharePoint Central Administration tool. You might or might not have access to SharePoint Central Administration, based on your deployment configuration and the permissions that your user account has on the servers in the deployment.

Required Permissions

To perform these procedures, you must be a member of both the Site Collection Administrators and Farm Administrators groups on the server that is running Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, or you must be a member of the Administrators group on the server that hosts the SharePoint Web application. For more information about permissions, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

To access site administration

  1. Open Internet Explorer.

  2. In the address bar, type the root URL of the SharePoint Web application to open the top-level site.

    You can display a list of SharePoint Web applications that Team Foundation Server uses if you open the administration console for Team Foundation. For more information, see Open the Team Foundation Administration Console

To access SharePoint Central Administration

  • On the server that is running SharePoint Products, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click SharePoint Central Administration.

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