ServerReport Properties

Public Properties

  Name Description
Public property Cookies
Gets a collection of Cookie objects. The ServerReport object uses the cookies in this collection when making server requests.
Public property DisplayName 
Gets or sets the display name of the report.
(Inherited from Report.)
Public property Headers
Gets a collection of strings that contain custom headers.
Public property HistoryId
Gets or sets the unique identifier of the report history snapshot used for the server report.
Public property IsDrillthroughReport 
Indicates whether the report is a drillthrough report.
(Inherited from Report.)
Public property IsReadyForRendering 
Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether a report definition and all parameters have been specified, and all data sources are ready for use.
(Inherited from Report.)
Public property ReportPath
Gets or sets the path to the report on the server.
Public property ReportServerCredentials
Gets or sets the credentials to be used with the report server.
Public property ReportServerUrl
Gets or sets the URL for the report server.
Public property Timeout
Gets or sets the number of milliseconds to wait for server communications.


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