Breakpoint Interface

The Breakpoint object contains the properties and methods used to programmatically manipulate a Breakpoint.

Namespace:  EnvDTE
Assembly:  EnvDTE (in EnvDTE.dll)


<GuidAttribute("11C5114C-BB00-11D2-8AD1-00C04F79E479")> _
Public Interface Breakpoint
public interface Breakpoint
public interface class Breakpoint
type Breakpoint =  interface end
public interface Breakpoint

The Breakpoint type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property Children Gets a collection of objects contained within this code construct.
Public property Collection Gets the Breakpoints collection
Public property Condition Specifies the condition for the breakpoint.
Public property ConditionType Indicates whether the condition type will break the program execution when true or break when changed.
Public property CurrentHits Indicates the number of times a breakpoint has been hit during the active debugging session.
Public property DTE Gets the top-level extensibility object.
Public property Enabled Sets or gets the enabled state of this Breakpoint object.
Public property File Gets the name of the file that contains the breakpoint or a declaration of the parent object.
Public property FileColumn Indicates the character location within a line in a file for a file breakpoint.
Public property FileLine Indicates the line location within a file for a breakpoint.
Public property FunctionColumnOffset Indicates the column offset from the name of a function breakpoint.
Public property FunctionLineOffset Indicates the line offset from the name of a function breakpoint.
Public property FunctionName Gets the name of the function where the breakpoint is set.
Public property HitCountTarget Gets the hit count target for any type of breakpoint. Interpreted based on the hit count type.
Public property HitCountType Describes how to interpret a hit count.
Public property Language Gets the language associated with the name or conditional breakpoint.
Public property LocationType Indicates the location type this breakpoint represents.
Public property Name Sets or gets the name of the Breakpoint.
Public property Parent Gets the immediate parent object of a Breakpoint object.
Public property Program Gets a reference to a Program object.
Public property Tag Sets or gets a user-defined string identifying the Breakpoint.
Public property Type Gets a constant indicating the Breakpoint type.



  Name Description
Public method Delete Deletes the breakpoint.
Public method ResetHitCount Resets the current number of hits.


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