vsCMClassKind Enumeration

Represents a value defining the kind of class definition represented by the object.

Namespace:  EnvDTE80
Assembly:  EnvDTE80 (in EnvDTE80.dll)


<GuidAttribute("DBDF9319-8FCC-4950-A50D-1E6FB5490869")> _
Public Enumeration vsCMClassKind
public enum vsCMClassKind
public enum class vsCMClassKind
type vsCMClassKind
public enum vsCMClassKind


Member name Description
vsCMClassKindMainClass This object contains a primary class definition.
vsCMClassKindBlueprint Object represents a class defined in a blueprint.
vsCMClassKindPartialClass Object represents a partial class definition.
vsCMClassKindModule Object represents a module. (Only supported in Visual Basic.)


Sub CodeClassExample()
    Dim sel As TextSelection
    Dim myClass1 As EnvDTE80.CodeClass2
    Dim classPart As EnvDTE80.CodeClass2

    sel = DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection
    myClass1 = sel.ActivePoint.CodeElement _
    If myClass1.ClassKind =  _
    vsCMClassKind.vsCMClassKindPartialClass Then
        For Each classPart In myClass1.PartialClasses
    End If
End Sub

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