JScript Data Types

JScript provides 13 primitive data types and 13 reference data types. In addition to these, you can declare new data types or use any of the Common Language Specification (CLS)-compliant .NET Framework data types. This section includes information about the intrinsic data types, how to extend those types, how to define your own data types, how to enter data, and how to convert data from one type to another.

In This Section

  • Data in JScript
    Links to topics that explain how to enter array, Boolean, numeric, string, and object data.

  • Data Type Summary
    Includes a tables of the primitive and reference data types in JScript and corresponding classes in the .NET Framework.

  • User Defined Data Types
    Explains how to use the class statement to define new data types.

  • Typed Arrays
    Illustrates how to define, initialize, and use typed arrays.

  • Type Conversion
    Explains the concept of type conversion and the distinction between implicit and explicit conversion.

  • JScript Objects
    Provides a brief overview of objects and lists links that explain how to create and use objects in JScript.

  • Data Types
    Lists links to reference topics that explain the intrinsic data types and their associated properties and methods.