JScript Language Tour

Like many other programming languages, Microsoft JScript scripts or programs are written in text format. Typically, a script or program is composed of many statements and comments. Within a statement, you can use variables, expressions, and literal data such as strings and numbers.

In This Section

  • JScript Arrays
    Explains types of arrays and how to use them in JScript.

  • JScript Assignments and Equality
    Explains how JScript assigns values to variables, array elements, and property elements and explains the equality syntax used by JScript.

  • JScript Comments
    Illustrates how to use the proper JScript syntax to include comments in code.

  • JScript Expressions
    Explains how to combine keywords, operators, variables, and literals to yield new values.

  • JScript Identifiers
    Explains how to create valid names for identifiers in JScript.

  • JScript Statements
    Provides an overview of the two basic units of instruction in JScript, declaration statements and executable statements.

  • JScript Data Types
    Includes links to topics that explain how to use primitive data types, reference data types, and .NET Framework data types in JScript.

  • JScript Variables and Constants
    Lists links to topics that explains how to declare variables and constants and how to use them to refer to objects.

  • JScript Objects
    Provides a brief overview of objects and lists links that explain how to create and use objects in JScript.

  • JScript Modifiers
    Explains how to use visibility modifiers, inheritance modifiers, version-safe modifiers, expando modifiers, and static modifiers.

  • JScript Operators
    Lists the computational, logical, bitwise, assignment, and miscellaneous operators and provides links to information that explains how to use them efficiently.

  • JScript Functions
    Describes the concept of functions and provides links to topics that explain how to use and create functions.

  • Coercion in JScript
    Explains how the JScript compiler performs actions on values of different data types.

  • Copying, Passing, and Comparing Data
    Explains how JScript copies, passes, and compares data when dealing with arrays, functions, objects, and so on.

  • JScript Conditional Structures
    Describes how JScript normally handles program flow and provides links to information that explains how to regulate the flow of a program's execution.

  • JScript Reserved Words (Visual Studio - JScript)
    Explains the concept of reserved words and lists the reserved words in JScript.

  • Security Considerations for JScript
    Explains how to avoid common security problems in JScript code.

  • Language Reference
    Lists elements that compose JScript Language Reference and links to topics that explain the details behind the proper use of language elements.