What Is JScript 10.0?

JScript 10.0 combines the feature set of previous versions of JScript with the best features of class-based languages. JScript 10.0 includes compiled code, typed and typeless variables, late- and early-binding, classes (with inheritance, function overloading, property accessors, and more), packages, cross-language support, and full access to the .NET Framework.


JScript 10.0 is used for applications that run on a server by using the .NET Framework. For information about how to write scripts that run on a client computer in a Web browser, see JScript (Windows Script Technologies).

New Features

JScript 10.0 is a true object-oriented scripting language. It can use classes, types, and other advanced language features for writing robust applications. It retains its "scripting" feel, with support for typeless programming, expando functions and classes, dynamic code execution (using eval), and more.

JScript 10.0 provides flexibility by allowing variables to be type annotated. This binds a variable to a particular data type, and the variable can store only data of that type.

There are many advantages of strong typing in a programming language. In addition to the benefit that occurs when you use a data type that properly fits the data that you are using, you get several other benefits:

  • Improved execution speed

  • Run-time/compile-time type-checking

  • Self-documenting code

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