Defines container template functions that perform algorithms provided for numerical processing.

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#include <numeric>


The algorithms are similar to the Standard Template Library (STL) algorithms and are fully compatible with the STL but are part of the C++ Standard Library rather than the STL. Like the STL algorithms, they are generic because they can operate on a variety of data structures. The data structures that they can operate on include STL container classes, such as vector and list, and program-defined data structures and arrays of elements that satisfy the requirements of a particular algorithm. The algorithms achieve this level of generality by accessing and traversing the elements of a container indirectly through iterators. The algorithms process iterator ranges that are typically specified by their beginning or ending positions. The ranges referred to must be valid in the sense that all pointers in the ranges must be dereferenceable and within the sequences of each range, the last position must be reachable from the first by means of incrementation.

The algorithms extend the actions supported by the operations and member functions of each of the STL containers and allow working, for example, with different types of container objects at the same time.

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