Diagram.GetPotentialMouseAction Method

Gets the mouse action to initiate when the user clicks a point in the diagram.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.Diagrams
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.Sdk.Diagrams.11.0 (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.Sdk.Diagrams.11.0.dll)


Public Overrides Function GetPotentialMouseAction ( _
    mouseButtons As MouseButtons, _
    point As PointD, _
    hitTestInfo As DiagramHitTestInfo _
) As MouseAction
public override MouseAction GetPotentialMouseAction(
    MouseButtons mouseButtons,
    PointD point,
    DiagramHitTestInfo hitTestInfo
virtual MouseAction^ GetPotentialMouseAction(
    MouseButtons mouseButtons, 
    PointD point, 
    DiagramHitTestInfo^ hitTestInfo
) override
abstract GetPotentialMouseAction : 
        mouseButtons:MouseButtons * 
        point:PointD * 
        hitTestInfo:DiagramHitTestInfo -> MouseAction  
override GetPotentialMouseAction : 
        mouseButtons:MouseButtons * 
        point:PointD * 
        hitTestInfo:DiagramHitTestInfo -> MouseAction
public override function GetPotentialMouseAction(
    mouseButtons : MouseButtons, 
    point : PointD, 
    hitTestInfo : DiagramHitTestInfo
) : MouseAction


  • mouseButtons
    Type: MouseButtons

    The mouse buttons that trigger the mouse action.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.Diagrams.MouseAction
The mouse action to initiate when the user clicks a point on the diagram.

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