Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Controls Namespace


  Class Description
Public class CommonStructureEdit
Public class FavoriteItem Represents favorite entry in Identity Favorites Store Originally Cloned from TSWA server implementation(for which client components could not take dependencies)
Public class ITeamExplorerPageExtensions ITeamExplorerPage extension methods.
Public class ITeamExplorerSectionExtensions ITeamExplorerSection extension methods.
Public class PageInitializeEventArgs Team Explorer page initialize event args.
Public class PageLoadedEventArgs Team Explorer page loaded event args.
Public class PageSaveContextEventArgs Team Explorer page save context event args.
Public class RelayEqualityComparer<T>
Public class SectionInitializeEventArgs Team Explorer section initialize event args.
Public class SectionLoadedEventArgs
Public class SectionSaveContextEventArgs Team Explorer section save context event args.
Public class TeamExplorerNavigationItemAttribute Team Explorer navigation item registration attribute.
Public class TeamExplorerNavigationItemIds
Public class TeamExplorerNavigationItemPriority
Public class TeamExplorerNavigationLinkAttribute Team Explorer navigation link registration attribute.
Public class TeamExplorerNavigationLinkIds
Public class TeamExplorerPageAttribute Team Explorer page registration attribute.
Public class TeamExplorerPageIds Central location for our built-in Team Explorer page Guids
Public class TeamExplorerPartMetadataNames
Public class TeamExplorerSectionAttribute Team Explorer section registration attribute.
Public class TeamExplorerSectionPlacementAttribute Team Explorer section placement attribute.
Public class TeamExplorerTargetHostNames
Public class TeamFoundationIconStripHelper


  Interface Description
Public interface ITeamExplorer Team Explorer interface.
Public interface ITeamExplorerNavigationItem Team Explorer navigation item interface.
Public interface ITeamExplorerNavigationLink Team Explorer navigation link interface.
Public interface ITeamExplorerPage Team Explorer page interface.
Public interface ITeamExplorerSection Team Explorer section interface.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration NotificationFlags Determines how the notification will behave.
Public enumeration NotificationType Describes the type of notification.
Public enumeration PageProperties Team Explorer page properties.
Public enumeration SectionProperties Team Explorer section properties.