Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Controls Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ColumnsPickerControl ColumnsPickerControl is a UserControl for selecting and ordering a collection of Currituck fields/columns and also existing user-defined fields. It has two listviews with available and selected columns and buttons to move items between them.
Public class CountChangedEventArgs Simple EventArgs derived class for passing one argument (bool) to an EventHandler as required by FxCop.
Public class DisplayField This class abstracts the Fields used in the Package.
Public class DisplayFieldCollection This is a collection class that holds DisplayFields
Public class HtmlControl Handles Product Studio description field. Subclasses the RichEditBox, adds IsDirty property and a context menu.
Public class HtmlFilter
Public class LinkDialogRelatedLinkControl Child control of LinkDialog to show linktype specific control items
Public class LinksControl
Public class PickWorkItemsControl PickWorkItemsControl is a UserControl for selecting Currituck workitems from a List that can be populated from a query retrieved from the portfolio server or from a simple picker query built from workitem Type, ID and Title words. The List can be single or multiple selection.
Public class ProjectChangedEventArgs Simple EventArgs derived class for passing one argument (string) to an EventHandler as required by FxCop.
Public class ProjectPickerControl ProjectPickerControl is a UserControl that uses a combobox for selecting a portfolio project from a specific domain namespace.
Public class QueryBuilderControl Infrastructure class. Not intended to be called directly from your code.
Public class ResultOptions This class encapsulates the two basic elements of the Result Options. 1. The list of Display Fields 2. The list of Sort Fields
Public class SafeWebBrowser A safe version of WebBrowser control.
Protected class SafeWebBrowser.MyWebBrowserSite
Public class SortField This class abstracts the SortFields used in the Package.
Public class SortFieldCollection This is a collection class that holds DisplayFields
Public class StoryboardLinkingHandler Provides a double-click handler for storyboard links stored in TFS and linked to a work item. From the comment on IClientLinking: "It should be explicitly declared as ComVisible to better work with the plugin architecture without dependency on COM visibility set for the assembly
Public class VirtualColumn Virtual Column (Field) class to passed to/from ColumnsPickerControl class.
Public class VirtualColumnCollection Virtual Column (Field) List class to passed to/from ColumnsPickerControl class.
Public class VirtualColumnsComparer
Public class WebpageControl
Public class WorkItemFormControl Obsolete. This is a control that will display controls that enable editing of a Work Item given 1. a reference to the work item 2. the form definition
Public class WorkItemGridValueProviderEventArgs
Public class WorkItemInformationBar
Public class WorkItemInformationProvider
Public class WorkItemResultGrid This class provides a simple interface to display work items. Given a IResultListDataProvider and a ResultOptions object (or a WorkItemStore and a WIQL statement) the grid will display the contents of the WorkItemCollection or result tree for link queries. The user may add their own columns by use of Columns.Add and by implementing the event CellValueNeeded
Protected class WorkItemResultGrid.ColumnInfo


  Structure Description
Public structure POINT


  Interface Description
Public interface IColumnsPickerFieldDefinitionFilter Interface to filter out columns of FieldDefinition types not supported by the caller.
Public interface IDialogControl Obsolete. All controls to be hosted in Links dialog box should implement this interface This is old interface supported for backward compatibility.
Public interface IDialogControlHost Obsolete.
Public interface ILinkDialogControl
Public interface ILinkDialogControlHost The add/edit link dialog implements this interfaces and is passed to child link controls
Public interface IResultListDataProvider
Public interface IStatusHandler Defines a handler (host) for status updates (for example Query or Triage editor)
Public interface IStatusProvider Represents a provider of status (for example a control on a WIT form)
Public interface IWorkItemClipboard
Public interface IWorkItemControl This interface covers the minimal definition of a work item tracking control.
Public interface IWorkItemControlHost Interface implemented by the host
Public interface IWorkItemControlHost2 Interface implemented by the Work Item Host to provide functionality for displaying query results. This is an opt-out mechanism if this interface is not supported Show Query Result will continue to be supported.
Public interface IWorkItemFilter Interface to filter out certain items in CheckBoxResultGrid.
Public interface IWorkItemGridValueProvider
Public interface IWorkItemInformationProvider
Public interface IWorkItemToolTip
Public interface IWorkItemUserAction
Public interface SafeWebBrowser.IOleServiceProvider


  Delegate Description
Public delegate HtmlControlEventHandler
Public delegate PickWorkItemsCountChangedEventHandler
Public delegate PickWorkItemsDoubleClickedEventHandler
Public delegate ProjectPickerProjectChangedEventHandler Friendly display-name.
Public delegate WorkItemGridValueProviderEventHandler
Public delegate WorkItemResultGrid.CollectionChangingEventHandler


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration Connection The Connection Enumeration represents the types of connections that a group node can have (None, Up, Down, Across).
Public enumeration DisplayMode
Public enumeration FilterReason
Public enumeration FormElementType This enumeration lists all the different types of form elements.
Public enumeration LabelPosition This enumeration lists all the different positions for the label (if there is one)
Public enumeration ResultOptions.ChangeType
Public enumeration WorkItemsPickerRadioButton Enumeration of radio buttons in the control so caller can set default.