The framework calls this method when a MDI changes its display mode and the menu bar must be updated.

void SetMaximizeMode(
   BOOL bMax,
   CWnd* pWnd = NULL,
   BOOL bRecalcLayout = TRUE


  • [in] bMax
    A Boolean that specifies the mode. See the Remarks section for more information.

  • [in] pWnd
    A pointer to the MDI child window that is changing.

  • [in] bRecalcLayout
    A Boolean that specifies whether the layout of the menu bar should be recalculated immediately.


When an MDI child window is maximized, a menu bar attached to the MDI main frame window displays the system menu and the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons. If bMax is TRUE and pWnd is not NULL, the MDI child window is maximized and the menu bar must incorporate the extra controls. Otherwise, the menu bar returns to its regular state.


Header: afxmenubar.h

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