How to: Reset a Manual Test

If you are running a test using Microsoft Test Manager and realize that you have made a mistake, you might want to restart the test. To restart a test from Test Runner, you can reset it and immediately run it again.

After you have completed a manual test and saved the test results, you might want to reset the test to know that you must run it again. The following situations may require you to reset tests with saved results that are in a blocked or failed state to an active state:

  • After you ran the test, you saved its results and submitted a bug. A developer has fixed the bug, and now you want to verify the fix by running the test.

  • If a bug that blocked other tests has been verified as fixed, you might want to reset all the tests that were blocked.

  • You ran a test and assigned it a failed result. However, you determine that the problem was in the test, not in the application under test. You modify the test to fix the problem and then want to remember to run the corrected test by adding it into the active list.

Whether you have saved the test results determines how you can reset the test to be run again. The following procedures describe how to reset a manual test: one whose results are saved and one whose results have not been saved.


  • Visual Studio Ultimate, Visual Studio Premium, Visual Studio Test Professional

To reset a manual test in Test Runner (unsaved results)

Reset manual test in Test Runner (unsaved results)

To reset a manual test in Microsoft Test Manager (saved results)

Resetting a test (saved results)


You do not have to reset a test state to active to rerun the test. You can just select the test or tests and then choose Run.

To reset a manual test in Test Runner (unsaved results)

  1. In Test Runner, click Reset in the toolbar.


    If you have already created a bug when running this test, you cannot reset the test from Test Runner because the test results are now associated with the bug that you saved. You must save this test and reset it using the procedure in this topic to reset a test from Microsoft Test Manager.

  2. A dialog box warns that you will lose the test results and any attachments if you reset the selected test case. Choose Reset.

    The test case reverts to its original state. All attachments and test results are deleted from the test case and nothing is saved. You can now run the test case again.

To reset a manual test in Microsoft Test Manager (saved results)

  1. In Test Runner, if you have saved the test results, note the ID and the name of your test and then close the Test Runner. You will use them to identify the test after you open the Testing Activity Center in Test Manager.

  2. Open Test Manager.

  3. On the center group switcher, choose the down-arrow and select Testing Center.

    The Testing Activity Center opens.

  4. On the center group menu bar, choose Test.

  5. In the left pane, select the test plan or test suite under the test plan that contains the test case that you want to reset.

  6. In the right side pane, under either the Blocked, Passed or Failed sections right-click the test that you want to rerun and then point to Reset test to active.

    The test should now appear in the Active section.


    The previous test results are not affected by the reset action.

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