How to: Assign Who Will Run the Tests in a Test Plan

When you add test cases to a test plan using Microsoft Test Manager, the tester who is assigned to the test case is automatically assigned to run the pairings of test cases and configurations. This is the default setting. If you want a tester who is not assigned to the test case to run a particular pairing, you can select the test case and change the assigned tester as shown in the following illustration.

Assign Who Will Run Tests

You can also select the test suite and reassign all the tests. For example, you might want to assign all the tests for a specific configuration to one tester.


For information on adding users to a team project, see Add Users to Team Projects.


  • Visual Studio Ultimate, Visual Studio Premium, Visual Studio Test Professional


This does not change the ownership of the test case. The owner is listed in the Assigned To field in the test case.

To assign a tester to run specific pairings of test cases and configurations

  1. Open Microsoft Test Manager.


    To display the Microsoft Test Manager window, choose Start, and then choose All Programs. Point to Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and then choose Microsoft Test Manager.

  2. From the Testing Center, choose Plan and then choose Contents.

    The Contents pane is displayed.

  3. To change the default assignments of testers, select the test suite that contains the test cases that you want to reassign.

  4. If you want to be able to reassign any of the test cases in a test suite, right-click the test suite and select Assign testers for all tests.

    - or -

    If you want to reassign specific test cases in the test suite, select the specific tests in the test suite details pane, and choose Assign in the Test Suite Details pane toolbar.

    The Assign Testers dialog box is displayed. It shows all the pairings of test cases and configurations for the test cases that you selected.

  5. Choose Tester to select a different tester to run the specific pairing of a test case with a configuration.


    You can select multiple pairings of test cases and configurations and change the assignment for all by changing Tester for any one of the selected rows.

  6. (Optional) To group the test cases by a specific column, drag the column title to Drag a column header here to group by that column. If you drag the column title for configuration, you can now select all the test cases for a specific configuration. Press Shift in the first row of the group and press Shift in the last row, and then choose Tester in one of the rows to assign them to the same tester.

  7. To save your changes, choose Save assignments.

    Any changes to the assignments are displayed in Testers.


    If different testers are assigned to different configurations for the same test, Multiple is displayed in Testers.

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