XSLT Profiler

The XSLT Profiler is a performance analysis profiler tool that helps you develop and debug XSLT documents. The XSLT Profiler allows developers to measure and evaluate performance-related problems in XSLT code by creating detailed XSLT performance reports. The XSLT Profiler includes useful hints for XSL and XSLT style sheet optimizations, which are essential for XSLT-based applications that demand maximum performance.

The XSLT Profiler is part of Visual Studio 2010 and is available from the Visual Studio XML menu.

XSLT Profiler

The XSLT Profiler was first introduced as an add-in for Visual Studio 2008. For more information, see the Related Resources section on the XSLT Profiler for Visual Studio Feb 08 Community Technology Preview page.


Some screens might appear differently in Visual Studio 2010 than they do in these documents because some visual elements were changed since Visual Studio 2008.

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