How to: Add Links to Test Cases in Work Items

You can add links from a work item to test cases. A work item is a database record that Visual Studio Team Foundation Server uses to track the assignment and state of work. The most likely scenario for using this feature is that your lead assigns a work item to you, asking you to create a test. After you have created the test, you can associate the work item with the test you created. For more information about work items, see Work Items and Workflow (Agile).


The work item database resides on a Team Foundation Server computer. This means that you can associate work items with tests only if you have Team Explorer installed, and if your Visual Studio user session is connected to a Team Foundation Server computer. For more information, see How to: Connect to Team Foundation Server.

  1. In the Team Explorer window, choose Work Items.

  2. Either use an existing query, or create a new query to locate the work item.

  3. Open the work item and choose the TEST CASES tab.

  4. In the Add Link to Bug dialog box, enter the work item ID, or choose Browse to use a query to locate the bug. For example, choose the <Team Project Name>/Shared Queries/Current Sprint/Test Cases query.

  5. Select the work item from the list returned and choose OK.

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