CurrentScheduler::Create Method

Creates a new scheduler whose behavior is described by the _Policy parameter and attaches it to the calling context. The newly created scheduler will become the current scheduler for the calling context.

static void __cdecl Create(
   const SchedulerPolicy& _Policy


  • _Policy
    The scheduler policy that describes the behavior of the newly created scheduler.


The attachment of the scheduler to the calling context implicitly places a reference count on the scheduler.

After a scheduler is created with the Create method, you must call the CurrentScheduler::Detach method at some point in the future in order to allow the scheduler to shut down.

If this method is called from a context that is already attached to a different scheduler, the existing scheduler is remembered as the previous scheduler, and the newly created scheduler becomes the current scheduler. When you call the CurrentScheduler::Detach method at a later point, the previous scheduler is restored as the current scheduler.

This method can throw a variety of exceptions, including scheduler_resource_allocation_error and invalid_scheduler_policy_value.


Header: concrt.h

Namespace: concurrency

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