IUMSUnblockNotification Structure

Represents a notification from the Resource Manager that a thread proxy which blocked and triggered a return to the scheduler's designated scheduling context has unblocked and is ready to be scheduled. This interface is invalid once the thread proxy's associated execution context, returned from the GetContext method, is rescheduled.

struct IUMSUnblockNotification;


Public Methods



IUMSUnblockNotification::GetContext Method

Returns the IExecutionContext interface for the execution context associated with the thread proxy which has unblocked. Once this method returns and the underlying execution context has been rescheduled via a call to the IThreadProxy::SwitchTo method, this interface is no longer valid.

IUMSUnblockNotification::GetNextUnblockNotification Method

Returns the next IUMSUnblockNotification interface in the chain returned from the method IUMSCompletionList::GetUnblockNotifications.

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Header: concrtrm.h

Namespace: concurrency

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