Scheduler::ScheduleTask Method

Schedules a light-weight task within the scheduler. The light-weight task will be placed in a schedule group determined by the runtime. The version that takes the parameter _Placement causes the task to be biased towards executing at the specified location.

virtual void ScheduleTask(
   TaskProc _Proc,
   _Inout_opt_ void * _Data
) =0;

virtual void ScheduleTask(
   TaskProc _Proc,
   _Inout_opt_ void * _Data,
   location& _Placement
) =0;


  • _Proc
    A pointer to the function to execute to perform the body of the light-weight task.

  • _Data
    A void pointer to the data that will be passed as a parameter to the body of the task.

  • _Placement
    A reference to a location where the light-weight task will be biased towards executing at.


Header: concrt.h

Namespace: concurrency

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