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Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Server
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Server (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Server.dll)


<WebServiceAttribute(Namespace := "",  _
    Description := "Team Foundation VersionControl Admin web service")> _
<ProxyParentClassAttribute("VersionControlClientProxy")> _
<ClientServiceAttribute(ServiceName := "ISCCAdmin", CollectionServiceIdentifier := "0ade2b5a-efa4-419e-bf11-24f7cfe7c1a2")> _
Public Class Admin _
    Inherits VersionControlWebService
[WebServiceAttribute(Namespace = "", 
    Description = "Team Foundation VersionControl Admin web service")]
[ClientServiceAttribute(ServiceName = "ISCCAdmin", CollectionServiceIdentifier = "0ade2b5a-efa4-419e-bf11-24f7cfe7c1a2")]
public class Admin : VersionControlWebService
[WebServiceAttribute(Namespace = L"", 
    Description = L"Team Foundation VersionControl Admin web service")]
[ClientServiceAttribute(ServiceName = L"ISCCAdmin", CollectionServiceIdentifier = L"0ade2b5a-efa4-419e-bf11-24f7cfe7c1a2")]
public ref class Admin : public VersionControlWebService
[<WebServiceAttribute(Namespace = "", 
    Description = "Team Foundation VersionControl Admin web service")>]
[<ClientServiceAttribute(ServiceName = "ISCCAdmin", CollectionServiceIdentifier = "0ade2b5a-efa4-419e-bf11-24f7cfe7c1a2")>]
type Admin =  
        inherit VersionControlWebService 
public class Admin extends VersionControlWebService

The Admin type exposes the following members.


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Public method Admin



  Name Description
Public property Application Gets the application object for the current HTTP request. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property Container Gets the container for the component. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public property Context Gets the ASP.NET HttpContext for the current request, which encapsulates all HTTP-specific context used by the HTTP server to process Web requests. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property DesignMode Gets a value indicating whether the component is currently in design mode. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Protected property Events Gets the list of event handlers that are attached to this component. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Protected property RequestContext (Inherited from TeamFoundationWebService.)
Public property Server Gets the HttpServerUtility for the current request. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property Session Gets the HttpSessionState instance for the current request. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property Site Gets or sets the site of the component. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public property SoapVersion Gets the version of the SOAP protocol used to make the SOAP request to the XML Web service. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property User Gets the ASP.NET server User object. Can be used to authenticate whether a user is authorized to execute the request. (Inherited from WebService.)



  Name Description
Protected method AddWebServiceResource (Inherited from TeamFoundationWebService.)
Public method Dispose() Releases all resources used by the MarshalByValueComponent. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Protected method Dispose(Boolean) Releases the unmanaged resources used by the MarshalByValueComponent and optionally releases the managed resources. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Protected method EnterMethod (Inherited from VersionControlWebService.)
Public method Equals Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method Finalize Allows an object to try to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before it is reclaimed by garbage collection. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public method GenerateRepositoryKey Creates a new repository download key.
Public method GetHashCode Serves as a hash function for a particular type. (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetService Gets the implementer of the IServiceProvider. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public method GetType Gets the Type of the current instance. (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method HandleException (Inherited from TeamFoundationWebService.)
Protected method LeaveMethod (Inherited from VersionControlWebService.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone Creates a shallow copy of the current Object. (Inherited from Object.)
Public method OptimizeDatabase This method is used to perform some type of database optimization pass compacting and shrinking index's and data tables.
Public method QueryRepositoryInformation Return information about repository usage, including the following: - # Users - # Workspaces - # Files/folders - Highest change set ID - # Pending Changes
Protected method SetMethodName (Inherited from TeamFoundationWebService.)
Public method ToString Returns a String containing the name of the Component, if any. This method should not be overridden. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)



  Name Description
Public event Disposed Adds an event handler to listen to the Disposed event on the component. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)


Thread Safety

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