Distributing Load Test Runs Across Multiple Test Machines Using Test Controllers and Test Agents

Visual Studio Ultimate can use a group of computers to generate simulated load for testing, and to run tests remotely and concurrently on several computers. This group of computers consists of a single test controller and one or more test agents. You can use the test controller and test agents to generate more load than a single computer can generate alone or just test remotely.

Test controller and agents

Test controllers and agents

Visual Studio Ultimate can generate load from the local machine using an unlimited number of users.


  • Visual Studio Ultimate



Associated topics

Configure test agents and controllers: You can use test controllers and test agents to configure tests to run remotely on one or more computers.

Create and select a test setting that uses test controllers and agents: After you install and configure test controllers and test agents, you must create a new test setting that uses the test controller and test agents to run your load test in a distributed environment.

Troubleshooting test controllers and test agents: If you encounter issues while you are using test controllers and test agents in your load test, you can review the troubleshooting material covered in the documentation.

Running a load test using test controller and tests agents: After you have created a test setting that uses a controller and one or more agents, you can configure Visual Studio Ultimate to use the test setting and run your load test.

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