How to: Add a Comment while Running a Test

While you run a test using Test Runner, you have the option to add comments to the test steps. The comments can be used to relay specific details that you want to communicate to other team members regarding unexpected behavior, or suggestions about what to look for while you test an application.

The comments can be useful as supporting material related to bugs, for isolating code defects, or for refining user interface designs. For more information, see How to: Submit a Bug using Test Runner.


  • Visual Studio Ultimate, Visual Studio Premium, Visual Studio Test Professional

Attaching comments while running a test

To attach a comment to a test step while you run a manual test

  1. Choose the test step in the test you are running.

  2. In the toolbar, choose Add comment to step result.


  3. Use the drop-down arrow on the right side of the test step and select Fail.

    A text box is displayed underneath the test step. You can use this text box to write useful information associated with the specific step. This data is saved with the test results for other team members to use.

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