structured_task_group::run_and_wait Method

Schedules a task to be run inline on the calling context with the assistance of the structured_task_group object for full cancellation support. If a task_handle object is passed as a parameter to run_and_wait, the caller is responsible for managing the lifetime of the task_handle object. The function then waits until all work on the structured_task_group object has either completed or been canceled.

   class _Function
task_group_status run_and_wait(
   task_handle<_Function>& _Task_handle

   class _Function
task_group_status run_and_wait(
   const _Function& _Func


  • _Function
    The type of the function object that will be invoked to execute the task.

  • _Task_handle
    A handle to the task which will be run inline on the calling context. Note that the caller has responsibility for the lifetime of this object. The runtime will continue to expect it to live until the run_and_wait method finishes execution.

  • _Func
    A function which will be called to invoke the body of the work. This may be a lambda or other object which supports a version of the function call operator with the signature void operator()().

Return Value

An indication of whether the wait was satisfied or the task group was canceled, due to either an explicit cancel operation or an exception being thrown from one of its tasks. For more information, see task_group_status


Note that one or more of the tasks scheduled to this structured_task_group object may execute inline on the calling context.

If one or more of the tasks scheduled to this structured_task_group object throws an exception, the runtime will select one such exception of its choosing and propagate it out of the call to the run_and_wait method.

After this function returns, the structured_task_group object is considered in a final state and should not be used. Note that utilization after the run_and_wait method returns will result in undefined behavior.

In the non-exceptional path of execution, you have a mandate to call either this method or the wait method before the destructor of the structured_task_group executes.


Header: ppl.h

Namespace: concurrency

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