Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.Integration.Picker Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ApplyAdapterLimitationsAttribute Filtering attribute used by the Picker to filter out any ModelBusReferences that do not refer to an adapter of the specified logical adapter id.
Public class ApplyElementTypeLimitationsAttribute Filtering attribute used by the Picker to filter out any ModelBusReferences that do not represent an element type of the specified element type
Public class BrokenReferenceDetector Detects broken references
Public class ModelBusReferenceExtensionMethods Extension methods for ModelBusReference
Public class ModelElementReferenceEditor Model element reference editor
Public class ModelReferenceEditor Model reference editor
Public class PickerMetadataBaseAttribute Base class for picker meta data classes
Public class ReferenceChangedEventArgs ReferenceChangedEventArgs Class - used in ReferenceChangedEvent Contains a NewReference
Public class ReferenceEditorBase Base reference editor class. Used for edititng ModelBusReference in property browser.
Public class SupplyFileBasedBrowserConfigurationAttribute Supplies configuration for file based model browser <example> The folowing code will supply a configuration that will display "DSL Models" in the caption and filter all the dsl and diagram extensions [SupplyFileBasedBrowserConfiguration("DSL Models", "Model file|*.dsl|Diagram file|*.diagram")] public ModelBusReference MyReference { get; set; } </example>


  Interface Description
Public interface IModelBrowser IModelBrowser - is the browser contract for the WPF user controls that act as the model browsers in the picker dialog.
Public interface IModelBrowserHost This is the contract class for the host that want to host the IModelBrowser WPF user control.