Sample Excel Communicator Interface

The sample IExcelUICommunication interface is used in the ExcelUICommunicator object in the ExcelAddIn project.

IExcelUICommunication Interface

This interface defines the communication points between the CodedUIExtension, which runs in the Coded UI Test process, and the ExcelCodedUIAddIn, which runs in the Microsoft Excel process.

The ExcelCodedUIAddinHelper assembly has a ExcelUICommunicator class that derives from this interface and uses the Excel object model to process the methods.

Some methods get the requested information from Excel then create and return one of the information objects, such as the CellInformation object.

Other methods use a provided information object, find the corresponding control in Excel, and perform some process on the control. For example, the ScrollIntoView method scrolls the Worksheet so that the designated cell is visible.

CodedUIExtensibilitySample and ExcelCodedUIAddinHelper Communication

The ExcelCodedUIAddinHelper assembly runs in the Excel process and has the UICommunicator class that implements the IExcelUITestCommunication interface and gets or sets the required information directly from the Excel UI.

The CodedUIExtensibilitySample assembly runs in the Visual Studio Coded UI Test process. This assembly has the Communicator class that opens a .NET Remoting channel, and provides an Instance property that uses the IExcelUICommunication interface to use the UICommunicator object in the ExcelCodedUIAddinHelper assembly to pass requests and information objects, such as a CellInformation object, back and forth between the two assemblies.

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