WorkspaceCheckInParameters Class

Represents the information that is required to check in pending changes located in a workspace.

Inheritance Hierarchy


Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.dll)


Public Class WorkspaceCheckInParameters _
    Inherits CheckInParameters
public class WorkspaceCheckInParameters : CheckInParameters
public ref class WorkspaceCheckInParameters : public CheckInParameters
type WorkspaceCheckInParameters =  
        inherit CheckInParameters 
public class WorkspaceCheckInParameters extends CheckInParameters

The WorkspaceCheckInParameters type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method WorkspaceCheckInParameters(array<ItemSpec[], String) Initializes a new WorkspaceCheckInParameters instance.
Public method WorkspaceCheckInParameters(IEnumerable<PendingChange>, String) Initializes a new WorkspaceCheckInParameters instance.



  Name Description
Public property AllowUnchangedContent Gets or sets a flag describing whether the server will permit a check-in of unchanged content. (Inherited from CheckInParameters.)
Public property AssociatedWorkItems Gets or sets the work items associated with this check-in.
Public property Author Gets or sets the author of the check-in. (Inherited from CheckInParameters.)
Public property CheckinDate Optionally, the checkin date to use for the checkin. It must be between the date of the last committed checkin and the current server time.
Public property CheckinNotes Gets or sets the check-in note describing this check-in.
Public property Comment Gets or sets a comment about the check-in.
Public property ItemSpecs Gets the array of items to check-in.
Public property NoAutoResolve Prevents the client from trying to auto resolve conflicts generated by the checkin. (Inherited from CheckInParameters.)
Public property NoConflictsCheckForGatedCheckin This flag only affects the server's behavior when the server paths being checked in affect a gated build definition. In this case the server will ordinarily call CheckPendingChanges before shelving the workspace and throwing back a GatedCheckinException. If the call to CheckPendingChanges creates conflicts, then no GatedCheckinException will be thrown; instead CheckIn fails and informs the user that they must resolve their conflicts. If this flag is specified, this call to CheckPendingChanges is skipped. This allows the gated checkin shelveset to be created even when the items being checked in are not at latest, for example. The build agent workspace will unshelve the shelveset and attempt to resolve conflicts at that time. This is a liberalization of the default behavior. Therefore, the default value for this flag is false.
Public property OverrideGatedCheckIn Gets or sets a flag describing whether to override a gated check-in. (Inherited from CheckInParameters.)
Public property PendingChanges Gets the enumerable collection of pending changes to check-in.
Public property PolicyOverride Gets or sets the policy override information.
Public property QueueBuildForGatedCheckIn Gets or sets a flag describing whether to queue the build for a gated check-in. (Inherited from CheckInParameters.)
Public property SuppressEvent Gets or sets a flag describing whether to suppress events. (Inherited from CheckInParameters.)
Public property ValidateAuthor Gets or sets a flag describing whether to validate the author property. (Inherited from CheckInParameters.)



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