How to: Specify the Maximum Size for the Log File

By default, the maximum size of the log file that is used for load tests is set to 20 megabytes. You can optionally change this value by editing the configuration file associated with the controller service.


  • Visual Studio Ultimate

Specifying the Maximum Log File Size for Load Test

  1. Open the QTCcontroller.exe.config XML configuration file located in <drive letter:>\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\QTCcontroller.exe.config.

  2. Locate <add key="LogSizeLimitInMegs" value="20"/> entry under the <appSettings> tag.

        <add key="LogSizeLimitInMegs" value="20"/>
        <add key="AgentConnectionTimeoutInSeconds" value="120"/>
        <add key="AgentSyncTimeoutInSeconds" value="300"/>
        <add key="ControllerServicePort" value="6901"/>
        <add key="ControllerUsersGroup" value="TeamTestControllerUsers"/>
        <add key="ControllerAdminsGroup" value="TeamTestControllerAdmins"/>
        <add key="CreateTraceListener" value="no"/>
  3. Modify value ="20" to the maximum allowable size you want to specify for the log file.


    Entering a value of "0" specifies that the log file is only limited in size by available disk space.

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