Troubleshooting LightSwitch Deployment

In this topic, you can learn about problems that may occur when you deploy a LightSwitch applicationant the techniques that you can use to resolve those problems.


More information about deployment problems may be available on the LightSwitch Forums on the MSDN website.

2-tier Logon Fails and “There was a failure using the default RoleProvider” Is Displayed

When a newly installed application is opened, this error occurs if the application database has not been installed. If you selected the Create a script file to install and configure the database option on the Specify Publishing Preference page of the publish-application wizard, you must run the script to install the database before the application is run. You also must create the Admin user for the application.

To fix this error

  • Complete the installation steps in the Install.htm file, which is located in the output folder that you specified when you published the application. The output folder also contains the Setup.exe file for the application.

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