ServicingContext Class

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Namespace: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server
Assembly: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.dll)


Public Class ServicingContext _
    Implements IDisposable
public class ServicingContext : IDisposable
public ref class ServicingContext : IDisposable
type ServicingContext =  
        interface IDisposable 
public class ServicingContext implements IDisposable

The ServicingContext type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public method ServicingContext(TeamFoundationRequestContext, IServicingResourceProvider, IServicingStepDetailLogger)
Public method ServicingContext(TeamFoundationRequestContext, IServicingResourceProvider, IServicingStepDetailLogger, IDictionary<String, String>, IDictionary<String, Object>, String)



Name Description
Public property CurrentServicingOperation
Public property GroupResolution
Public property Items
Public property LoggingLevel
Public property OperationClass
Public property PartitionIdToHostIdMap
Public property RequestContext
Public property ResourceProvider
Public property TFLogger
Public property Tokens



Name Description
Public method AddTokenIfNotDefined SetServicingToken is used to set a name value pair that is replaced in the step data before the step is executed. When calling this method only supply the token name itself. Tokens are referenced in servicing step data by including "$$" before and after the token name. ex. Set with "ExampleToken", step data contains "$$ExampleToken$$". Tokens are compared with a case-insensitive comparison, but replaced case-sensitively.
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Explicit interface implemetationPrivate method IDisposable.Dispose


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