ISecurityNamespaceExtension.HasWritePermission Method

Evaluates whether the given user should be able to change permissions. Note that implementing this function will cause the WritePermission defined in the namespace not to be checked. If you want to implement this interface and still have those checked then make sure to derive from the DefaultSecurityNamespaceExtension and not override this method.

It is expected that this function will not throw if the caller should not be able to write permissions.

Namespace: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server
Assembly: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.dll)


Function HasWritePermission ( _
    requestContext As TeamFoundationRequestContext, _
    token As String, _
    removedEntries As IEnumerable(Of AccessControlEntry), _
    addedEntries As IEnumerable(Of AccessControlEntry), _
    inheritanceChanging As Boolean, _
    recurse As Boolean _
) As Boolean
bool HasWritePermission(
    TeamFoundationRequestContext requestContext,
    string token,
    IEnumerable<AccessControlEntry> removedEntries,
    IEnumerable<AccessControlEntry> addedEntries,
    bool inheritanceChanging,
    bool recurse
bool HasWritePermission(
    TeamFoundationRequestContext^ requestContext, 
    String^ token, 
    IEnumerable<AccessControlEntry^>^ removedEntries, 
    IEnumerable<AccessControlEntry^>^ addedEntries, 
    bool inheritanceChanging, 
    bool recurse
abstract HasWritePermission : 
        requestContext:TeamFoundationRequestContext * 
        token:string * 
        removedEntries:IEnumerable<AccessControlEntry> * 
        addedEntries:IEnumerable<AccessControlEntry> * 
        inheritanceChanging:bool * 
        recurse:bool -> bool
function HasWritePermission(
    requestContext : TeamFoundationRequestContext, 
    token : String, 
    removedEntries : IEnumerable<AccessControlEntry>, 
    addedEntries : IEnumerable<AccessControlEntry>, 
    inheritanceChanging : boolean, 
    recurse : boolean
) : boolean


  • token
    Type: System.String

    The token the permissions are being applied on.

  • inheritanceChanging
    Type: System.Boolean

    True if the inheritance value is changing.

  • recurse
    Type: System.Boolean

    True if this operation will recurse. Note, for a recurse operation, the only possible operation is RemoveAccessControlLists.

Return Value

Type: System.Boolean
Returns Boolean.

.NET Framework Security

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