Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow Namespace


Class Description
Public class BuildEnvironment Defines the environment for a Team Foundation Server build host.
Public class BuildProcessBuilder Represents a build process.
Public class BuildProcessSerializationException Represents an error in build process serialization.
Public class BuildProcessValidationFailedException Thrown when the build process validation fails.
Public class ProcessParameter Represents a build process parameter.
Public class ProcessParameterError Provides specific error information when issues are encountered loading a process parameter dictionary.
Public class ProcessParameterMetadata This class encapsulates all the metadata associated with a Team Foundation Build process parameter.
Public class ProcessParameterMetadata.StandardParameterNames Defines the standard parameter names used by Team Foundation Build.
Public class ProcessParameterMetadataCollection Implements a [T:System.Collections.ObjectModel.KeyedCollection<TKey,TItem>] of process parameter names and metadata.
Public class ServiceMissingException Thrown when the thread of execution encounters a missing service.
Public class TextExpressionImports
Public class WorkflowHelpers Contains static methods to help in validating and processing workflow operations.
Public class WorkspaceMappingHelper


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BrowsableContext Specifies the context in which a process parameter can be viewed.
Public enumeration BuildTrackingImportance Specifies the importance of a particular activity with respect to BuildVerbosity.
Public enumeration BuildVerbosity Specifies the level of detail of the log output during a build. For more information about how to use this type, see Manage Build Information and Control Verbosity.