ITestRunBase Interface


Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Client (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Client.dll)


Public Interface ITestRunBase _
    Inherits IIdentifiable(Of Integer), IAttachmentOwner, INotifyPropertyChanged
public interface ITestRunBase : IIdentifiable<int>, 
    IAttachmentOwner, INotifyPropertyChanged
public interface class ITestRunBase : IIdentifiable<int>, 
    IAttachmentOwner, INotifyPropertyChanged
type ITestRunBase =  
        interface IIdentifiable<int>
        interface IAttachmentOwner 
        interface INotifyPropertyChanged 
public interface ITestRunBase extends IIdentifiable<int>, IAttachmentOwner, INotifyPropertyChanged

The ITestRunBase type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property Attachments Gets the collection of attachments. (Inherited from IAttachmentOwner.)
Public property BuildConfigurationId
Public property BuildFlavor
Public property BuildNumber Name of the build.
Public property BuildPlatform
Public property BuildUri Name (as a URI) of the build the run was executed against. As an example: new Uri("vstfs:///Build/Build/1")
Public property Comment Comments entered by those analyzing the run.
Public property Controller The name of the controller of this run
Public property DateCompleted Date the last test completed.
Public property DateCreated Date the run was created.
Public property DateStarted Date the run was started.
Public property Id Gets the identifier. (Inherited from IIdentifiable<TKey>.)
Public property IsDirty Returns true if the test run has been changed since the last Save().
Public property LastUpdated Date the run was last modified (title or owner set).
Public property LastUpdatedBy Last person to update run
Public property LastUpdatedByName Last person to update run
Public property LinkedWorkItemCount The total number of bugs associated with the test results.
Public property Owner User who started the run.
Public property OwnerName User who started the run.
Public property OwnerTeamFoundationId User who started the run.
Public property Revision Revision number of TestRun for concurrency control
Public property TestEnvironmentId The test environment for this run
Public property TestPlanId Returns the ID of the test plan that contains this run or 0 if this is an ad-hoc run.
Public property TestSettings The test settings being used for this test run execution. Null if the run has no test settings.
Public property TestSettingsId ID of the public test settings being used for this test run.
Public property Title Title of the associated run template.



  Name Description
Public method CopyTestSettings Copy the test settings and associate it to the test run.
Public method CreateAttachment(String) Creates an attachment from a file. (Inherited from IAttachmentOwner.)
Public method CreateAttachment(String, SourceFileAction) Creates an attachment from a file, optionally deleting the source file after uploading. (Inherited from IAttachmentOwner.)
Public method CreateAttachment(array<Byte[], Int32, Int32) Creates an attachment for a Test Result from a byte array.
Public method Delete Removes the given test run and its results from the server.
Public method Refresh Updates the run with new data from the server.
Public method Save Writes the new or updated test run to the server.



  Name Description
Public event AttachmentUploadCompleted This event is raised when the attachment upload is completed. (Inherited from IAttachmentOwner.)
Public event PropertyChanged Occurs when a property value changes. (Inherited from INotifyPropertyChanged.)


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