Give reviewers permissions to provide feedback

Reviewers who aren't members of your team require special permissions to provide feedback using the Microsoft Feedback Client.

Add reviewers to your team project

  1. If you aren't a member of the Team Foundation Administrators group, go here to get permissions. You'll need to be a member in order to add users and groups to a team project, change permissions, and grant them access to Team Web Access (TWA).

  2. Open the web administration page for TFS.

    Choose the gear icon to open administration

  3. Open the admin task for your team project.

    Choose the team project

  4. Create a TFS group for your reviewers.

    Create a TFS Group for Stakeholders


    If you have a lot of reviewers, creating a Windows group or a TFS group helps you manage permissions most efficiently.

  5. Name your group.

    Save the Stakeholder TFS group

  6. Add accounts to your group.

    Open dialog to add members to TFS Group

    Add names of stakeholders to the group

Set permissions so reviewers can provide feedback

Allow reviewers to Create test runs, View project-level information, and View test runs.

Set reviewer permissions to provide feedback

Set permissions so reviewers can modify work items

Since feedback is captured in a feedback response work item, reviewers need to be able to modify work items in the product areas they will review.

  1. Open security for the team project.

    Set stakeholder area permissions

  2. Add the reviewers group to TFS Groups.

    Add a group to the list of TFS Groups

  3. Allow reviewers to Edit work items in this node and View work items in this node.

    Allow reviewers to view and modify work items

If you want, allow reviewers the ability to modify their feedback submissions

Sometimes additional ideas occur after reviewers submit their feedback. By providing access to TWA, reviewers can revisit and further annotate their feedback submissions.

Add your TFS group to the Limited group on the access levels page. If you don't see this tab, get administrative permissions.

Add reviewers to the Limited group

Your reviewers will be able to view and modify only those work items that they create, which includes feedback responses. The Limited group provides limited access to TWA for those members of your organization who do not have a client access license (CAL) for TFS.

This task supports the request and review feedback experience.