LockManager.GetLock Method (ILockName, LockManager.LockType, Int64)

Get a named lock.

Namespace: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server
Assembly: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.dll)


Public Sub GetLock ( _
    lockName As ILockName, _
    lockType As LockManager.LockType, _
    requestId As Long _
public void GetLock(
    ILockName lockName,
    LockManager.LockType lockType,
    long requestId
void GetLock(
    ILockName^ lockName, 
    LockManager::LockType lockType, 
    long long requestId
member GetLock : 
        lockName:ILockName * 
        lockType:LockManager.LockType * 
        requestId:int64 -> unit
public function GetLock(
    lockName : ILockName, 
    lockType : LockManager.LockType, 
    requestId : long



This method tried to use the cached lock object for this name if it is not disposed. Otherwise it allocates a new lock object and updates the cached object reference.

.NET Framework Security

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