DeploymentServiceHost Constructor

Constructs an application service host by reading necessary information from the database using the provided connection string. The provided instance ID will be used to verify that the stored instance ID in the database matches the expected value.

Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.dll)


Public Sub New ( _
    hostProperties As TeamFoundationServiceHostProperties, _
    failOnInvalidConfiguration As Boolean _
public DeploymentServiceHost(
    TeamFoundationServiceHostProperties hostProperties,
    bool failOnInvalidConfiguration
    TeamFoundationServiceHostProperties^ hostProperties, 
    bool failOnInvalidConfiguration
new : 
        hostProperties:TeamFoundationServiceHostProperties * 
        failOnInvalidConfiguration:bool -> DeploymentServiceHost
public function DeploymentServiceHost(
    hostProperties : TeamFoundationServiceHostProperties, 
    failOnInvalidConfiguration : boolean


  • failOnInvalidConfiguration
    Type: System.Boolean

    If this is true and we do not validate that the database configuration is correct then the this constructor will throw. False should be passed here if the creator of the DeploymentServiceHost must be able to run when connection strings for the application or collections may not be present or correct.

.NET Framework Security

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