Microsoft.VisualStudio.Enterprise.WebInstrument Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AppPoolInfo
Public class IISAccessException
Public class IISLegacyVersionException
Public class IISResetterException
Public class InclusionExclusionList<T> A generic set of inclusion and exclusion lists, with one obeyed at any time. Defaults to an Exclude list.
Public class InvalidApplicationPoolException
Public class InvalidRegistryKeyException
Public class InvalidResolutionException
Public class LoadUserProfileException
Public class ManagementNotPresentException
Public class MultipleRegistryEnvironmentException
Public class OverwrittenRegistryValues Represents values committed to the registry which were overwritten, and lets you revert the change.
Public class RegistryEnvironment Mapping from either:
Public class RegistryEnvironmentException
Public class ResetterTimeoutException
Public class ServiceAccessException
Public class ServiceTimeoutException
Public class SiteConflictException
Public class SiteRequiredException
Public class UnknownAppPoolUserException
Public class WebInstrumenterException


  Structure Description
Public structure EnvironmentConflict Describes an original value in a registry value.
Public structure RegistryEnvironment.ValueAndKind